After using my IPhone 3G for over a period of two years, i feel good @ Nexus One. IPhone 3G with IOS 4.0 has slowed my IPhone. The only good feature that I got was just a folder structure. Since I am a Java developer, developing app on Android is just a cake walk.

IPhone requires Mac Machine or Mac Laptop. Apart from that app needs a Apple's approval before we share it with even friends. Android app store is just $25 one time fees to host applications or even I can share my app with others for free.

Android App is so natural candidate for multi tasking as compared with IPhone's. Android is open source and on top of it it is Java, getting help is just a cake walk.

I got Ginger bread 2.3.3 on my Nexus One and I love it. UI is too cool and UI effects are just too good. Real nice work from Google on Android part. Needless to say the task manger is more than expected. New You tube interface is awesome.

How to download Log files from Google App Engine?

go to appengine-java-sdk-1.5.3/bin directory

downloading Application and then log files:

./ -A yourappid -V yourappversion download_app your_new_folder_to_download_the_app

./ --num_days=5 request_logs your_new_folder_to_download_the_app mylogs.txt

Android Tutorial from Google

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